The big omg

Ayeeeee! There are certain moments in life where you can’t forget where you were when it happened. Like, I can still smell the leather of my bff’s dad’s friend’s couch when Brady was throwing lasers to Gronk and Moss to go 19-0 only to lose to the Giants. And days later, when Spygate happened, the smell of my mom’s perfume filled my nose while she rubbed my back, assuring me that Brady would never cheat.


Yesterday was no different. When I heard that Glen O was leaving the radio, I froze. It’s like that scene in the Thomas Crown affair when Crown offers to return the Monet. Chills. Not because I was going to miss Glenn, but because I knew that the time was now to change the landscape.

So who is going to step up to the mound and take over for the O? Here is one gal at the game’s take at the honorable mentions:

  1. Courtney Fallon – this gorg diva knows her stuff and isn’t afraid to back it up or delete what she said.
  2. Lucy Burge – this bombshell knows how to drive the boys crazy and eats up hot takes like hot cakes.
  3. Jen Royal – when she isn’t giving the boys the business lol, she’s cooking up hot takes like hot cakes.
  4. The girl who did the poem at Biden’s election.
Literally knows more about basketball than anyone including Bird or Jordan

But the winner is: Jacquilene Mack Macmullan. Jacky is by far the most knowledgeable sports person in the United States. Her mind is like a weapon, and when she gives it a cock, you know she’s going to teach you something. It’s well known by people in my industry that she would advise Al “Red” Auerbach about who to draft and what defense to play and would, at times, defend the Celtic’s hall of famers. Her D was a known secret, so to say. So farewell big O and hello big D.

Anita Thrust is the lead writer for Competent Ladies Against Mansplaining section of The15net dot com. She lives in the Greater Boston Area with her rescue doggo Yodel, and her cats, Alice B. Toklas and Lil Wobey.

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